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Cajun Country Swamp Tours is near Lafayette, Louisiana, just 7 miles from Interstate 10 at the Breaux Bridge Exit (109). Owned and operated by Walter "Butch" Guchereau who is proud to offer to you eco-swamp tours that are done with as little environmental impact as possible through a beautiful surreal cypress/tupelo swamp that is sure to charm and excite your imagination.
We are native experienced commercial fisherman and avid outdoors men. I hold college degrees in Zoology and Botany and have passed this knowledge down to my son, Shawn. Our personal experiences and observations along with my educational background enables us to give you an insightful eco-journey into the swamplands of Acadiana that is educational, enjoyable, and entertaining.
The tour area, Cypress Island/Lake Martin Swamp is famous for its impressive scenic beauty and wildlife. Alligators, egrets, herons, bayous, ancient cypress trees covered with Spanish moss and more of what you envision a Louisiana swamp to be are waiting for you on Cajun Country Swamp Tours. The tour is conducted aboard open swamp people boats (crawfish skiffs) that are designed to get us into the heart of the swamp. The tour boats are powered by environmentally friendly and very quiet Yamaha 4-stroke outboard motors. Our two skiffs combined can accommodate up to 38 adults and arrangements for larger groups can be made.

Tours are conducted all year, seven days a week and on holidays.

Tour start times vary because of demand, time of year, and weather.

Tours last two hours.

For a swamp tour that is more than just another boat ride call 337-319-0010 or email us at



Rates and Contact Information

The tours last approximately 2 hours and cost $20.00 per  adult/
$10.00 per child (12 and younger)

Payment maybe made online with the Book Now button or
by phone 337-319-0010 or
cash at the boat.
We accept all major credit cards, cash, or personal and travelers checks.

Cajun Country Swamp Tours conducts swamp tours seven days a week, including holidays, all year round.
 Time schedules change day by day, influenced by demand, the weather, and the time of year.

Seating is limited so reservations are recommended.

We do accept walk ups if room is available and the price is same as reservations

 To make reservations or for more information contact us by phone at
or e-mail us at cajunswamptours@yahoo.com
*Reservation being made 24 hours or less before the tour date please call instead of e-mail

*All email reservations must be receive a final confirmation from 
Cajun Country Swamp Tours to be valid. The confirming email will contain
1.  Date and Time of swamp tour
2.  Number of people in your group
3.  Directions to swamp tour site
We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy

About Us

     Butch Guchereau the owner and main guide is a Breaux Bridge native cajun and has college degrees in Zoology and Botany. Butch paid his way through college by working dredge boats during the summers on the Mississippi and Atchafalaya River systems where he experienced the dynamic forces that have built the land of Acadiana and learned how the rivers, bayous, wetland areas, man's interventions and coastal erosion are all intertwined and constanly changing.  His educational background and personal experiences growing up in and around swamps has given Butch rich insight into the ecology of Louisiana swamps.
     Butch has imported this knowledge and insights to Shawn, his son and Bob Gary, also college educated local cajun, and a personal friend.
     Butch has had Shawn in the swamps since he was in diapers and today calls him a "Bayouoligist" .
     Bob Gary has college degree in liberal arts and his heart in the swamp.  As a hobby he walks the swamp land looking for interesting cypress wood pieces which he makes into one of a kind clocks.
      My son and I have spent most our lives either learning about or earning an income from the swamps of Cajun Country-this is where we want to be.  The swamps are our passion and Joie de Vivre (joy of life), and sharing a couple hours with people who love and enjoy nature is an enjoyable experience for us.

    Hope to see you soon




1. What if the weather turns bad?
This is one of the reasons to have your phone number, if we cancel the tour we will able to contact you ahead of time so you can make other plans and not waste time on a maybe

Louisiana's average annual rain fall for our area is approximately 60 inches.
Normally the wettest month is July and the driest October.

If the rain is light and sporadic and guest are gun ho the tour will go out.
If the rain is continuous or lightning in the area the tour will be canceled and any and all money refunded if you prepaid. Of course you may reschedule for later.

If the tour is underway and has to be canceled your tour charge will be:
a. If you were out less than an hour no obligation.
b. If you were out for 1 to 1 1/2 hours the charge will be 1/2 price.
c. If you were out over 1 1/2 hours or more full price.

 2. When is the best time for wildlife viewing?
Best Time of Day?
a. In colder months best if you schedule your tour late morning to early afternoon.
b. In warmer months best if you schedule 1st tour of the day or late afternoon.
Best Time of Year?
a. Mid March through May
b. Mid October through December

3. Will we see alligators?
If the weather cooperates yes you will see alligators.
The area we tour through has a healthy population of alligators
we do not feed alligators or keep little ones in a bucket

Generally early to late spring and late fall to early winter are best
mid to late summer and mid to late winter bad
during the week is generally better than weekends due to increased boat traffic on weekends

4. Are there age restrictions?

5. Are life jackets provided?

6. Are dogs allowed?
Personal assist dogs are definitely allowed

Pet Dogs are allowed if the:
a. tour is a private group tour
b. dog is people friendly and everyone scheduled for the tour agrees
7. How should I dress?
Dress is casual and appropriate for the weather
Temperatures on the water tend to be little cooler than on land

8. Are food and beverages allowed?
Food and beverages are allowed as long as all containers are removed from the boat at end of tour
there are no restrooms on the boat

9. Is alcohol allowed?
If the tour is a private tour alcohol is allowed
if the tour is not private no alcohol allowed
also remember no restrooms on boat

10. Can we take pictures and video?

11. Can gift certificates be purchased?
Yes, just call 337-319-0010 or e-mail cajunswamptours@yahoo.com

Hope to see you soon